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    Mr. Raj singh , Canada

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    Mr. Vipin Kumar , Banglore


    DISCLAMER: There are no guarantees that every person using this service will get their desired results for sure. Astrological results depend on a lot of factors and the results may vary from person to person.

    Welcome to the world of astrological predictions. Our Astrologer Somnath Sharma Ji cheerfully welcomes you all. They are among such astrologers, whose network is ever growing globally just because of their powerful and effective astrological tactics of resolving minor or major issues. He possesses years of experience in astrology and ability to resolve issues of the human being life

    Probably most of us are aware of the fact the life of a human being completely depends on the relative position of celestial bodies and planets in solar system or during their birth time. The change in relative positions of these ruling planets causes people’s life to change through different different ways. Changes that these governing planets make in a human’s life are adorable while some are quite unbearable and you never know what is going to happen with you next moment. Future happening incidents are decided by the movement of Navgraha’s which are considered as deities in Hindu astrology.

    Name of 9 Navagrahas that govern life of human’s are
    1. Surya (Ravi)
    2. Chandra (Som)
    3. Mangala (Mars)
    4. Budha (Mercury)
    5. Guru (Jupiter Master of All Grahas)
    6. Shukra (Venus)
    7. Shani (Saturn)
    8. Rahu
    9. Ketu

    According to Hindu astrological mythology Shani is the son of Ravi and have rivalry between them. Our love astrologer Pandit Somnath Sharma ji understands the problems coming in a human’s life and try to resolve the issues coming up to best of his knowledge. Our astrologer Shri Somnath Sharma Ji uses proven techniques and research work in astrology to make close predictions

    Break Up in Relationship Problem Solution

    Love is such a bond between two individual souls that bound them together in mutual attraction and bring feelings of trust and belief. The Time when people fall in love they definitely wants to get succeed in their love relationship. But, to get succeed they must have keep faith and trust because without faith and trust it’s impossible to build love relationships. There are lots of the people who are facing love breakup problems because of lack of mutual trust, faith and understanding. After breakup they start to realize mistakes they did while being in relationships and then they want to get back their lost love in their life again. But, as we know that it’s quite hard to rebuild the broken trust and belief. if you are also facing such love relationship problems and really wants to get back your lost love back and want to solve love break up problems then just take help of any love specialist astrologer like our Pandit Somnath Sharma.

    Astrology is an ancient way to control and influence the person as per your desire and astrologer will help you to attract your desire person towards you and this attraction will convert into love. so you can get your desires person in your life and you will be able to solve your brake up relationship problems. Sometimes people face unwanted problems in relationship cause of the bad planet position and people aren’t aware about this situation. So whenever you face unwanted break up problems then just take the help of an astrologer. They will remedy you to overcome of this problem.

    Love Marriage Problems Solution By Astrologer Somnath Sharma Ji

    Love Marriage is concerned as final destiny of the lovers who are engaged in love relationship from a long time but in our Indian society getting married to lover is not an easy thing as people always attach marriage with their social pride. It might be a case with anyone where a person and his lover wants to get bound in love marriage relation but because of certain differences like cast, religion and financial status between you and your lover can be the biggest obstacle because of this your family members or social relatives are not getting agreeing on your love marriage relation. If you are in such troublesome situation where you are facing problem in your intercast or inter-religion marriage then you can always consult to our love marriage specialist astrologer Somnath Sharma Ji who will read birth charts of you both and will make predictions about your love relationship. He will be suggesting you astrological ways to convince your parents and family members on your love marriage relation.

    Divorce Problems Solution with Astrology by Somnath Sharma Ji

    Marriage is god given gift to every person. Every person wants to get beautiful, smart and intelligent life partner to spend their whole life with happiness. Mutual care, love, faith are the main components of a happy married life. In the start of marriage everything seems right but as times passes disputes occurs in the marriage relationship and at this point often couples fights with each other and in frustration they decide to get separate with each other by taking divorce. However divorce is not a solution. When married couple decides to take divorce, it not only affects life of both partners and it also influences the life of their children and the spoil their future. So if you are also facing separation and divorce problems then you should take the help of Astrology. Our astrology consultancy will help you to get overcome these problems. Sometimes there are some bad planet positions that affect the spouse to face divorce problems and badly influence the married life. Our Astrologer will also suggest you remedies to overcome the bad effects causing by planets that are influencing your married life.

    ✦ Astrology Consultancy for You with Best Remedies

    Many people have wrong thoughts about astrology. They think astrology predictions are based on assumptions purely while it’s not the fact. Astrology is a science of studying the relative positions of the celestial bodies, planets and stars. Movement of these stars have strong influence on whole life of an individual at the time of his birth. Somnath Sharma ji has established astrology consultancy to help the needy people by determining the relative position of planet in their birth chart and suggesting them the most accurate ways to overcome problems they are facing in their love and family issues.